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About me
Hello, my name is Sandra. I'm a passionate mezzo-soprano with over 15 years of professional experience and more than 60 sung roles in the Repertoire, but also a certified mental trainer and funder of "confidence for musicians".

I love my both jobs from the bottom of my heart, am a great quality chocolate lover and grew up in the circus, travelling around the world , feeding elephants or horses, and spinning my mum at a vertical rope.🙃

What, a circus child? Yes ! And it was great! Nevertheless, I chose the music


For whom?

As a certifed mental coach, I support you as a passionate musician and creative artist to create a successful career with confidence and resilience, with joy and inner balance, even in tough times. I support you in achieving your goals with a strong and positive mindset and taking away your fear through action. There is a saying: Action cures fear.

Get into action and the path will appear.

You learn how to handle with struggles and that these are the best growth experiences.

You learn how to structure and manage yourself and make successful fee negotiation.

You learn to be confident in your authenticity and your own unique path.

Why positive mindset?
From my own experience I can say that by transforming thoughts from insecure into empowering ones, the quality of life and success in both private and artistic terms can change 180 degrees for the better.


I always wanted to be there for others and at times I completely denied myself and my needs and put them at the back of my mind to the point of burnout. You want a helping hand, but you're afraid to take it. That would possibly mean weakness. No! It's strength!

The transformation of my exhausting thoughts into empowering ones made me realize that I can be my own helping hand.


That I can live my best and most fulfilling life when I allow myself to be myself. My wonderful, unique, perfectly imperfect self with all my dreams and and visions, in all my dazzling colors, with all my radiance from within. Without outside permission.

But with the basic trust from within. That it's worth thinking big and being brave. To stand by yourself and your worth. Full of trust without being arrogant. To have visions and realize them.


Does a positive mindset mean jumping through the world grinning all the time?

No!!! A positive mindset means allowing all emotions, accepting them lovingly and recognizing that everything you feel is ok. In particular, take a closer look at negative thoughts, such as "I'm not good enough" or, if you're afraid of performing, "I'll fail on stage." Don't push them away under any circumstances! What are they doing to you? Where do you feel them in your body? Where are they from ?

Really from you or are they sentences that other people have said to you and that you have blindly adopted? Who are you ? Where do YOU want to go in life? And you know what ? All the answers are already IN YOU.

How about taking self-destructive sentences and calmly and patiently converting them into encouraging, supportive and empowering ones? When it comes to transformation, I work with positive affirmations, among other things.


These are suggestions to think about. To begin. To let go. To trust yourself and the flow of life. Recognizing that you are not alone and that there are solutions. They are invitations to look at things from a different perspective. Invitations to research deep within yourself.


This transformation takes time before it reaches your subconscious, in which decades of old beliefs have often still manifested themselves. There will be situations where you stumble (but then I'm there :) and that's exactly the point where you can grow, where injuries are resolved, where clarity and freedom come back. Freedom to choose.

Freedom to actively shape your life instead of just reacting passively. How would this new freedom feel within you?


"I'm not good enough and I'll never make it" becomes to "My potential is unlimited and I give myself time to find my way."

(Louise Hay)

Very simple sentences in the present tense, without “ifs and buts”, which are precisely and that´s why they have an incredible amount of power. Let's begin! Let's go on a journey of discovery together about how you can realize your unique and fulfilling life vision as a successful artist :)


Resonating with you and want to have a first non binding Coaching and an impression how we could work together?

Write me :)  



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